So what's the issue?

Only nine months after having founded our hackerspace, in the middle of December 2010, we were evicted from our current location at Äusserer Nordbahnhof 12 (former Pfleiderer-Areal). The premises are being needed by their owner, the german railroad corporation, for their "Stuttgart 21" project, and they're going to demolish the whole building at the end of March 2011.

If we don't find a new location ASAP, the whole shackspace project might cease to exist shortly after its first birthday.

What is this "shackspace" thing you keep talking about?

shackspace is Stuttgart's very own hackerspace. It's being organized, operated and occupied by the merry members of shack e.V., a registered non-profit association.

The hackerspace was founded mid-February 2010 and had 23 founding members back then. In the last nine months, we've grown to over eighty members, having quickly become the second-largest hackerspace in Germany.

Alright, so what can I do to help?

Why should I help you?

Being a non-profit organization, shack e.V. strives for a strong focus on education, targeted at both youth and adults. Our work covers technical areas such as development of electronics, hard- and software, but also encourages a creative approach to all kinds of technology, thus bridging the gap between technology and art.

With this, we offer education within an area that's both extremely important nowadays while at the same time not sufficiently covered by traditional means of education.

What does shackspace have to offer?

What projects do you have to show for yourselves?

shackspace offers the space, ambience and tools needed for you to realize your ideas. With all the projects going on, it's impossible to list them all, so here's a small taste:

Ah, nice – and what about public appearances?

So if I donate, what are you going to use my money for?

We're using your donations to cover one-time costs like the following – currently, the first three are top priority:

There's also a regularly updated wish list of things we could use to build an even better hackerspace.

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Important information regarding our Corporate Identity

The expressions "shack", "shack e.V." and "shackspace" should always be written in lower case, even at the beginning of a sentence.

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